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    Portable Pet Hair/Fur Lint Remover

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    Portable Pet Hair/Fur Lint Remover

    Say goodbye to fuzz and give your old fabrics a new life!

    You love your animal, that is out of question. If only there were not the lost fur hairs, which are spread all over the house where your quadruped is. But not only there, also on your clothes the hairs like to get stuck.

    How good that there is the practical lint collector, with which you can rid your clothes and other textiles of the annoyances in no time. To do so, simply place the blade of the anti-linting brush on top of your garment and pull it down.


    If you want to get rid of all lint, pet hair, and lint in a matter of minutes.

    It doesn't need any batteries and you don't have to do any setup, you can easily use it as soon as you receive it.

    Save your money from buying new clothes. Portable lint remover restores your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look without damaging the structure! So, stop throwing away clothes because of fuzz!

    No Damage to Fabrics
    Behind this "magic" is a pure copper head that gives most fabrics a quick shave.
    No damage is done to them, and it gives you the same efficiency on sofas and carpets.

    Simple and Practical
    With just a little pressure, you can collect any unwanted lint, debris and pet hair from the area you use.

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    Suitable for Multiple Scenarios
    You will like this device so much that you will consider buying more than one.
    You can use them separately for different purposes, one for furniture, one for clothes, and one for use on the go.

    Solve all Pet Hair
    The perfect solution for all pet hair.
    With its special design, you will be able to easily collect any pet hair from your furniture and carpets without damaging them.

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    What's Included in the Package
    Lint Brush Cleaner Plus (6.1″x5.3″)
    Instructions on how to use it effectively