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    Super Absorbent Pets Bath Towel

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    🤔Worried about your dog catching a cold after a bath or shower and not drying their coat in time?

    Our super absorbent towel is the best solution!

    Keep your pet dry and safe in a few seconds, preventing it from catching a cold and having a bad time in the cold weather.


    Super Absorbent

    The ultra-soft, tightly woven microfiber fabric absorbs up to 10 times more water and mud than conventional towels. It will hold even the wettest pooch in your family up to 6 times its weight in water.

    Perfect Size
    65 x 23 cm, the perfect towel for drying your pet. It is suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. One size fits all!

    Easy To Use
    The double hand pockets provide better hold to dry your dog's legs and abdomen, while draining water away from your pooch.

    Dry Quickly
    It can blow dry your dog 8 times faster than a regular cotton towel - even faster than a blow dryer! In addition, this towel is skin and fur-friendly, so it never smells like a "wet dog".

    Easy to wash by washing machine on gentle cycle and hang to dry.


    Material: polyester, nylon
    Size: 66 x 23 cm
    Color: Gray, Purple, Red, Sky Blue

    Package Included

    1 * Super Absorbent Pets Bath Towel

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