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    Foaam™ 360 Degree Pet Shower

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    The fastest and easiest way to bathe your dog!

    Don't make a mess. Save water by only using the necessary. Extremely easy to use. Make cleaning your dog a positive experience for him and You!

    Tackle bath time like a pro with the 360 degree Shower Attachment.

    You can connect it to a shower pipe, utility sink or garden hose with the included hose and adapters, so you can use it at home or outdoors.

    Does Your Dog Hate Bath Time?

    Bath time can be a stressful time for you and your dog, especially if your dog is fearful of water!

    Many pet owners are all too familiar with this problem - the paws out in protest, the squirming and wriggling upon setting foot in the bathroom, the shaking at the sound of running water.

    We Might Have The Solution For You..

    ✅ Easy To Use

    Our Shower Attachment is a great tool and simple to use. You will immediately understand how to it all works the first time you use it.

    ✅ Bottle for Shampoo

    There is a bottle compartment to put shampoo or whatever you need for the care of your dog.

    ✅ Easy to disassemble

    The 360 degree Shower Attachment is easy to disassemble and easy to take anywhere. 







     Pet Washer*1


    "My dogs are very large so I have to wash them with the hose. I'm so, so happy I bought this. It's easy to install and use and truly makes bathing our dogs easier and gets them cleaner!


    - Celia Reyes

    "Game changer for our mud-loving 55 lb golden Retriever. Integrated perfectly into our shower tub without any leaks and has plenty of length for a dog who likes to back as far away as possible in the tub. Our dog loves spending as little time in the tub as possible so that helps us out a lot. 10/10 worth the splurge"


    - Eddie Frazier

    "This is amazing! A must have for every dog owner wanting to groom their dog or even just do a paw rinse after a rainy mud bath or dig session. Makes giving a bath so much easier and quicker as it gets the coat fully wet without having to dump cups and cups of water. Highly recommend!"


    - Carol Sanders

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