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    3D Crystal Ball With Galaxy Design

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    The whole universe in your hands

    ✅ This crystal ball is made of high quality K9 crystal material, completely transparent and bubble-free. It uses advanced 3D inner carving and flame extraction technology, presents a realistic and solid universe inside the crystal galaxy. The clarity of the crystal is immaculate. And the detail of the galaxy is very eye-catching. It's really cool. Perfect for your home and office decor. Or wherever you want to display.

    Ideal for display

    ✅ This dream catcher ball is beautiful to look at and is really cool. The sphere features a realistic and solid universe inside the glass galaxy. A great way to demonstrate how galaxies appear differently depending on the angle at which you look at them. The glass galaxy comes along with a glass base, makes this galaxy ornament a magical galaxy. The luxurious clear crystal centerpiece can add sparkle and harmony to your living or study space.


    Color: Transparent.
    Measurements: 6cm x 6cm.
    Material: Crystal.
    Technology: 3D laser engraving.
    Weight: 300g.
    Package Includes: 1 glass bag, 1 glass holder.