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    Anti-Skid Chain for Tires

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    Solves automobile skidding problem

    ✅ The 10-piece ultra-lightweight anti-skid tire chain set is designed with anti-skid traction to get out of a stuck position in emergency situations.
    ✅ It can be used not only once as they are reusable and environmentally friendly. The package includes 10 car emergency anti-skid tire chains.
    ✅ The surface of the tire chain has increased some fine points to prevent the car chains from slipping while driving and contributes to your car driving on relatively flat ground.

    Don't let a snowy or rainy day stop you

    ✅ Use 100% pure and hardened reinforced nylon material, good anti-slip performance, wear resistance, high softening point, shock absorption and silence.
    ✅ Two thick tendons from side to side strengthen the gripping ability of the tire making your car drive more smoothly with much lower noise.
    ✅ Anti-skid chains Compatible with universal vehicles, cars and SUVs, to solve the problem of car sliding, help to solve your car if it hits the road on a snowy or rainy day.
    ✅ Above all, it is easy to install and uninstall without a jack, so it becomes a favorite anti-skid equipment for male and female drivers.


    Material: Nylon.
    Color: Orange.
    Weight: 15.7 ounces.
    Length: 36.8 inches.
    Quantity: 10 pieces.
    Applicable Field: Snowy field, climbing slope and mud field.
    Package Includes: 10 emergency chains.