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    Aurora Gemstone Suncatcher - Quartz Vibes

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    Glow up your room with Bellsly™

    Wake up to a mini rainbow in your bedroom, or sip your morning coffee with a kitchen filled with rainbow lights, instantly putting you in a cheerful mood ready for the day ahead.

    Bring Joy And Peace Of Mind Into Your Home!

    💖 | A little love missing? Rose Quartz is said to attract unconditional love to boost relationships that lack a little.

    💜 Start your day off relaxed with an amethyst sun catcher, which is known to attract peace, calmness, and patience.

    💙 | Do you want to relieve anger and negative thoughts? Lapis lazuli is the perfect stone. It stimulates the third eye and can channel your sexual energy in a creative and passionate way, even with your partner! It was Cleopatra's favourite stone

    💚 | Aventurine is said to boost creativity and assists in calming the mind, waking up to your own mini rainbows is a little step forward in the right direction.

    💛 | Need some positivity? Citrine is known to hold energies of positivity and optimism.

    🧡 | Maybe some deep sleep? Orange salt crystals boost the immune system and help ease them nights where it's difficult to fall asleep.

    ❤️ | Jasper is a stone that can relieve fever and epilepsy, at the same time normalising sleep and the psychological state, restoring memory and removing depression. If you have one in your room, you can forget disturbing thoughts and nightmares.

      PLEASE NOTE: These beautiful and sparkling crystal suncatchers are handmade by Bellsly™ and we hope they light up your day! Suncatchers Quartz Vibes are limited to a few units each.