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    Auto Tag Remover KIT

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    This natural, safe tag remover is easy to use. It blocks blood supply to the tags, making them shrink and fall off naturally in quickest as 7 days.


    • Quick and Easy One-Click Design
    • Safe and Painless
    • Natural and Affordable Removal
    • Suitable for all Body Parts
    • Works for Different Sizes


    • Clean the skin tag and surrounding area.
    • Attach the cone to the device then roll a band down the cone onto the device.
    • Remove the cone.
    • Place the device over the skin tag then push the button to release the band.


    • The bands are made of rubber 
    • Dimensions: Small Nib (2-4mm), Large Nib (4-8)
    • 1x  Auto Tag Remover KIT