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    Auto Watering System

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    We understand things can get hectic that’s why our Auto-Water System is the perfect tool to ensure your plants are taken care of while you take care of other aspects of your life! With a simple design we offer a much easier way to water your plants while also recycling!

    • Adjustable Water Valve: Control the amount of water given to your plants
    • Simple And Easy To Use: Take a plastic bottle, cut the bottom off or drill holes in the bottle for airflow, fill with water, adjust the valve and enjoy a hassle free way of keeping your plants healthy!
    • Fits Most Plastic Bottles: Suitable for almost all soda/water bottles
    • Encourages Recycling: Reuse plastic bottles in a beneficial way

    *Suitable for most brand bottles*

    Package Includes

    • Auto-Water Spike
    • Water Control Valves

    Get yours now while supplies last and say goodbye to unnecessary work and worry when it comes to taking care of your plants!