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    Automatic Irrigation Bulbs

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    The solution for busy gardeners

    βœ… An automatic watering device for plants on those busy days and vacations. The watering bulb releases water slowly into the soil to keep plants hydrated for days. This bulb is smaller in size for smaller plants or temporary garden care. Decorate your pots or your garden by turning it into a jungle full of life where there are lovely birds, snails and mushrooms.

    The best assistant for your garden

    βœ… It is a good gardening assistant for plants in pots, you will no longer have to be every day to water or forget to do it, this plant waterer will help you a lot. It is made of borosilicate glass. The glass is durable and its shape and color will not change due to exposure to sunlight. It will last for a long time and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. To install it you just need to first make a hole in the ground, fill the balloon with water, wrap the nozzle with a sponge or permeable cloth to avoid clogging, insert the tube into the hole you have made in the ground. And like a vacuum ball, most of the water will be reserved in the bulb which will slowly fall out.


    β–ͺ Material: High Borosilicate Glass.
    β–ͺ Color: Transparent.
    β–ͺ Designs: Bird, Snail and Mushroom.
    β–ͺ Package Includes: 1 plant water trough.