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    Automatic Rotary Sprinkler 360°

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    Multi-purpose garden automatic rotating sprinkler

    Automatic rotating nozzle, various spraying modes - Easy irrigation

    Water drive, 360° rotating spray
    Spraying diameter of 8-10m, wide range og oblique sprauing

    3 modes of rotating nozzle
    the number of nozzales in each group is different, and the range of spraying water volume is added though rotationg nozzale High-speed oblique spray working mode: fast and dense sacattering, speed up irrigation process.

    Watering flowers, watwring vegetables, watering orchard, lawn maintenance

    Propeller desing concept
    The desing of theree-way propeller, each srpinkler has multiple outlets with different angles. Each outlet is sprayed to every corner at different angle, the irrigation is even, and the corerage area is large

    Streamlined base desing
    ABS material, can be used regardless of the terrain, stable placement, easy to use

    Closer to the ground
    The arc-shaped streamlined body converts the air flow hit by spiral arm into pressure to make it fit groun Stable work on uneven ground

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