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    Our Baby Support Pillow is specially designed to cradle your baby’s head and neck in just the right position when sleeping. Making sure your child's head is supported correctly by distributing pressure evenly is extremely important.

    Positional Asphyxiation occurs when an infant can't get enough air to breath due to positioning, This happens most often in infants, when an infant is found in a position where its mouth and nose is blocked. Recommended Age (0-12 Months)

    As all parents know, the baby’s first months are crucial for later development and health. One of the most common problems with newborns is flat head syndrome. Some babies develop flat spots after birth because they spend a great deal of time in positions that put pressure on the skull, like in a crib or car seat.

    • That’s exactly why you need this infant head support pillow! It can help prevent or alleviate flat spots by cradling your baby’s head so that it doesn’t lie completely flat.

    Key Benefits

    • Provides maximum protection for your baby’s head and neck
    • Made of soft and breathable material that is very comfortable
    • Prevents your baby’s head from slumping down or sideways
    • Special U-shape design protects baby’s head when in a stroller


    • Foxy, Twinkle Stars, Mini Super Hero, Dazzle Dots
    Material Feature
    • Cotton / Polyester