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    Biodegradable Disposable Plastic Toilet Seat Cover

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    Have you ever encountered such a toilet?

    ✅ There are urine stains on commode.
    ✅ There are Shoe print on commode.
    ✅ There are some commodes that look very clean, but it is still not sanitary for you to use.

    No worry of public toilet anymore

    Easy to use and fit well

    ✅ Double layers and embedded design make it easy to cover toilet seat.
    ✅ Symmetric design quickly matches various toilet seats, saving trouble to spot the front and back.
    ✅ The extra-large coverage fits standard toilet seat, perfect for wide figure.

    Individually wrapped:

    ✅ Designed for home and travel, clean, prevent cross-infection, and care for your health.
    ✅ These toilet covers come in individually packaged. Compact and portable, perfect for travel.
    ✅ Bag design, completely isolated, anti-slip and anti-offset, odorless, safe to use.