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    Car Door Warning Light

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    Highly useful product for your car

    Universal design: suitable for any car, SUV, pickup truck. The light bar will light up with the opening of the car door, with a strobe effect, to remind the rear to get to the car, to enhance safety. The bottom of the car light is white light, the light is projected on the ground so that you can see the ground clearly when you get out of the car, avoid stepping on the water or garbage.

    Multi-purpose car door light strip: the lighting strip is divided into two parts, half red and half white. When the door is open, the white part is always on, it is used to illuminate and the red part flashes, it is used to warn the car behind.

    Easy to install: Suitable for any car, SUV, pickup truck. Do not destroy the original lines of the car, do not damage your car, using 3M enhanced adhesive, just stick it on the door and connect the positive and negative power supply.

    Waterproof design: submerged in water for 30 minutes, still can work. High-tech component detection: by controlling the IR chip program, increase the sensitivity, to maintain the stability of the product.