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    Carnelian Crystal Necklace

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    • Our Carnelian Necklace Pendants are handmade under superior quality check and cleansed with the purest energy before it is en route to you.
    • Orange Carnelian stone (also spelled cornelian) is a brownish-red mineral commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone. The color can vary greatly, ranging from pale orange to an intense, almost-black, coloration.
    • Exclusive Premium Cord (not Sterling Silver) is kept adjustable that allows you to position the Carnelian Necklace Pendant over the chakra heart or the throat for optimal protection.
    • ️All these beautiful Carnelian Jewelry come with the company's premium velvet pouch so that you even gift it to your loving ones.

    Carnelian Stone
    Carnelian Crystal Necklace with Spiral Carnelian Stone Point - Handmade with Natural Stones, Carefully Cut & Polished Crystals.

    Stabilizing Stone
    Carnelian Stones restore vitality, motivation, and stimulate creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy, and motivates for success.