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    The Ultimate Children's Toy

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    Your Baby's New Best Friend.

    Looking for the perfect toy to help your baby drift off into dreamland without a fuzz? TinyToy is your baby's trusty companion at night, keeping them comfy and secure once you leave the room.

    Made with soft and durable materials, TinyToy is surely something your baby will love to hug and cuddle. It even comes with a built-in nightlight and fun pre-programmed music that will keep your baby entertained right before they sleep.

    ✅Durable Materials - No matter how much your baby cuddles the TinyToy, or how much they play with it, it keeps its shape and remains extremely fluffy. It's certainly the perfect bedtime companion!

    ✅Relaxing & Soothing Sounds - TinyToy comes with 10 pre-programmed songs that are soothing to the ears. Your baby will be asleep within minutes after listening to these wonderful sounds.

    ✅Endless Fun With Lights Show - With 7 beautiful lighting modes, TinyToy also acts as a light projector that fills the room with magic! TinyToy’s lights are not hard on the eyes, ensuring that your child’s sleep won’t be disturbed.

    ✅Baby-friendly designs - TinyToy comes in a variety of cute designs that your child will surely love. Choose your child’s favorite color or animal and watch them happily cuddle with it all night.



    • 7 Different projecting light designs
    • Child and environmentally friendly materials
    • Easy to use 
    • Relaxing & Soothing 
    • Non stop fun




    • Automatically turns off after 20min
    • Washable by hand just remove the board 
    • High Quality PP Cotton
    • made out of high quality ABS material No harsh chemicals or smells surface is smooth and the color is pure 



    Toy sizes: Varies from style to style 20-25cm

    Package Includes : One TinyToy of your choice.