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    CupPro™ Smart Portable Cupping Massager

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I use it?  

    Press the start button to select one out of the six suction modes and temperature modes and there you go.

    What is the benefit of using CuppyPro Massager?  

    CupPro™ is a deep & powerful handheld cupping massager you can do at Home, the Gym, or even the Office. Whether you’re a sport enthusiast, athlete, personal trainer, fitness enthusiast and so on.

    How many sessions per day do I need to do for this to be effective?

    Depending on your situation . we recommend between 1 to 3 sessions of 10 minutes per day.

    Is it easy to use?

    Yes, It is easy to use. an innovative device that only requires a touch of a button allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the cupping  massage. 

    Can I charge it via USB?

    Yes, CupPro™ can be recharged by any micro-USB cable.


    Weight - 0.44 lbs / 200 g

    Size - 3.7*3.7*3.1 inches

    Battery life - 3 hrs.

    Charging time - 2.5 hrs.