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    Curling sponge

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    This curling ribbon for hair gives you a new healthy way to achieve those curls you love so much! causing NO heat damage to your hair and giving you a natural wavy look that will catch everyone's attention!πŸ’ž


    • Researchers have found that curling irons can damage 85% of your hair's Keratin Proteins, causing it to become brittle and dry.😨

    • Heatless curling ribbon will help you get curls that can last all day without damaging your hair. πŸ₯°

    • A finishing product can be used after removing your heatless curling rod headband for a longer effect and to preserve your waves.😍

    • Our Satin curling rod headband has been tested and proves to work on both long and short hair. For Short or layered hair we recommend that you twist your hair as you wrap it on the heatless curler headband to end up with a tight hold and avoid your hair from becoming loose.πŸ’˜



    • cotton, silk

    • Black, Pink, Green, Red, Purple, Gold
    • 1xΒ  Curling sponge