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    Dispensing Spoon

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    Make Feeding a Breeze

    ✅ Silicone baby bottle with spoon makes feeding a breeze. The soft silicone feeder is flexible and soft for baby's comfort and protection. The feeder is designed for feeding Rice cereal, Fruit puree, Sweet potato puree, Vegetable juice, Medicine. Apart from being made of high quality polypropylene and food grade silicone. Non-toxic, BPA free, sterilized, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. Your satisfaction and baby's safety are our top priority.

    Filterable Food

    ✅ Compression design can effectively exercise the child's feeding and control the intake easily. The food dispenser comes with a sealing cover to prevent food leakage and facilitate outdoor use. It also has dust cover to insulate dust. The suction cup design of the bottle can stand upright on the table, allowing you to handle unexpected issues while feeding babies, convenient and hygienic. And when it comes to cleaning simply place the baby food dispensing spoon into the water to clean and disinfect with boiling water. Parents won't spend a lot of time cleaning up and have plenty of time to stay with your kids.

    Product Features:

    ▪ Material: PP.
    ▪ Size: 19.5cm * 5.5cm.
    ▪ Colors: Green, Blue, Pink, Orange.
    ▪ Applicable age range: 4 months and up.
    ▪ Package Includes: Dispensing Spoon.