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    DIVA™ Summer Orthopedic Sandals

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    Just as refreshing as a cool drink on a hot summer’s day, these thong sandals are styled for your comfort with a soft fabric toe post and a jersey-covered padded lining. 

    Do you suffer from heel pain or any other foot condition such as plantar fasciitis? Before you visit a doctor, try out these comfy orthopedic sandals. They are designed to realign your standing and walking posture.

    Our sandals provide comfortable support that helps alleviate foot, knee, and heel pain. These are the sandals you'll want when those warm, sun-soaked days arrive!

    Realign Postures - Whether standing or walking, they are the right choice for realigning your posture.

    Comfortable Rubber Sole - This helps to maintain the right foot positioning, protecting the heel during high impact landing when walking or running. It also helps stabilize the foot.

    Great Arch Support - These sandals are a soothing solution for people suffering from runner’s feet, flat feet, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and other feet conditions.

    Versatile - These comfy orthopedic sandals are stylish for various outdoor and indoor occasions this summer!
    Slip-Resistant - The outsole features a good amount of tread that ensures a firm grip on wet surfaces.


    Choose size according to your foot length (not the usual size of your county)
    The foot length refers to the insole length. Eg. US 7.5 (9.4"/24cm) is the length of the insole only
    If you have a wider foot or instep, choose one or two sizes bigger

    Color: Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Pink and Black
    Size: US 5.5 to US 10.5

    1 pair of Summer Orthopedic Sandals