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    DIVA™ Women's Soft Orthopedic Sandals

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    These sandals don't just look amazing! They also provide support for your feet!

    Absolutely soft that offer you comfort throughout the day.

    The key invention used in this pair of sandals is the nanofoam sole, the next generation of memory foam that molds to your feet and hugs them comfortably wherever you go.


    These sandals correct posture and eliminate muscle imbalances by balancing the feet at the perfect angle in their original position to realign the skeletal position. 

    Save time, money and health from joint and muscle pain by repairing the foundation of your entire body: your feet. Go through life without pain and in 100% physical condition.

    It is light; but with a wedge design, you can walk more steadily and stand for hours without strain or imbalance.

    Multiple grips on the outsole of the slide to provide the safety property, greatly improve the anti-slip and resistance of the slide sandals.

    Quality Craftsmanship: The styles created exude excellent craftsmanship. These materials provide excellent durability, breathability and flexibility for your daily life to maintain maximum comfort.


    Reduces pain: Soft and thick soles provide a comfortable feeling to the foot and reduce pain caused by poor walking posture.

    Memory foam support feet: Relieves physical pain when walking. Super elastic, easily adjustable.

    High Quality Orthopedic Sandals: Triple arch design and soft sole bring comfort, health safety and style to your feet.

    Foot Comfort: Every step creates an ultra-light and soft feel, keeps your feet light, provides ultra-light cushioning and a nimble ride, makes everyday wear comfortable.

    Anti-slip function: The robust full rubber sole can be combined with different terrains and offers excellent grip and durability.