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    Dominoes Automatic Domino Train

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     Locomotive toy that can automatically place dominoes!

    Every kid will love it


    • 🚂MY FIRST DOMINO LAY CHALLENGE - We bet you played domino rally when you were kids. This brings you your KIDS FIRST DOMINO SET-UP GAME. Line them up with the help of your domino train and start the chain reactions. Everyone loves this toy from toddlers to adolescents and, of course, their parents.

    • 🚂EASY DOMINO COLLECTION TO SET UP AND KNOCK DOWN - By simply pressing the quick-load domino magazine on to the domino, your colorful blocks go up into the holder and stay there until your train releases them as it travels over the floor or table, leaving a perfect row of dominoes just waiting to be knocked down.

    • 🚂GREAT BONDING EXPERIENCE FOR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS WITH CHILDREN - Or just leave them to play alone. Either way, it’s a lot of fun while aiding in the development of color recognition, cognitive abilities, spatial relationships and teamwork.


    • 🚂ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT FROM THIS - This automatic domino placing train NEVER STICKS. Plus customer service you just can’t beat. BUY NOW, and enjoy the excitement that only pushing down perfectly aligned dominoes can give.


    • Blue, Pink
    • ABS

    • 1 x Dominoes Automatic Domino Train