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    These Zero-Waste Reusable Lids are the last wrap replacement you'll ever use.


     ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - These eco-lids are made from platinum silicone, biodegradable and BPA free, non-toxic, soft textured and extremely elastic. Besides, it's 100% dishwasher safe.

     PRACTICAL AND HEALTHY - unlike cling film or silver foils, the stretch covers can be reused and easily washed and cleaned.

     LONG-LASTING DESIGN - You can hermetically seal any container without having to seal it with film. They don't deteriorate over time and can be reused countless times. Its temperature resistance is -30 to 230 ºC / 86 to 446 °F, which allows its use in refrigerators and microwaves.

    (🎅最佳圣诞礼物) 零浪费可重复使用的拉伸密封硅胶盖,6 件套

     KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH LONGER - Creates an airtight seal when placed over a container, preventing air from entering the interior, keeping food, fruits and vegetables fresh longer.

     VERSATILITY - Easily stretched to fit containers and bowls of different sizes and shapes. Perfect for fruits, vegetables, bowls, plates, plates, candy jars, cans and cups. 


    After a nationwide survey, we found that after the average family meal 2 to 4 plastic wrap lids are used to store food over the world. That's more than 1.000 million plastic wrap sheets per day! By joining the Zero-Waste movement you help save the environment every day. 

    Plastic takes over 1,000 years to decompose, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces called microplastics that pollute the ocean and get ingested by marine fauna.

    You can make a HUGE difference in such an easy way by eliminating your daily usage of plastic wrap.

    90% of this plastic is not being recycled properly and makes its way to our oceans (which amounts for about 8 millions metric tons of plastic each year).

    Ditching cling wrap is a step forward for our Earth that needs to be taken by everyone and by you, starting today.

    At the rate we're going there will be more plastic than fish in the Ocean by 2045!


    • Microwave & dishwasher friendly.
    • BPA-free & food-safe material.
    • CE & FDA approved.
    • Fits any container.

    Question & Answer:

    • What if you have square or rectangular containers?
      These are made of stretchable silicone and come in different sizes, so you can use it for any size container, including square and rectangular containers.
    • Where are they made?
      These are made in the USA and shipped from the USA.
    • Boil them up first?
      We recommend that you boil them or clean them before use.
    • Are these dishwasher safe?
      Yes, there are dishwasher safe.
    • Can they be used on a microwave?
      Yes, they can be used on microwave ovens.


    • 6 x Reusable Stretch & Seal Silicone Lids


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