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    Thom™ 8D Quantum Magnetic Eyelashes With Soft Magnet Technology

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    Get ultra-feminine volumized lash look all day in seconds!!

    Big, bold lashes turn any makeup look into one that’s ready to turn heads and rack up the love on Instagram.

    ❤ Luscious Lashes in Seconds: Use the specialized magnetic tweezers to attach your new 8D Quantum Magnetic Eyelashes in seconds without a drop of glue or mascara, saving you tons of time to do the rest of your makeup or hairstyling.

    Made to Dazzle: Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and make the most of your eye makeup with these handcrafted magnetic eyelashes. The incredibly lightweight Synthetic Fiber are always perfectly curved and deep black, making them a must for modern beauty routines.

    And, unlike mascara and fiber lashes, sweat, rain, and water won’t cause your gorgeous black lash hue to run or fade.

    Easy to come off

    Multiple Styles Available: Looking for an ultra-feminine volumized lash look? Prefer a vampy, smoky look for a night at the club? There’s a set of 8D Quantum Lashes made just for you. Each set comes with a pair of magnetic lash strips for each eye. You will need a special tweezers for effortless, instant application. Just pick your favorite, apply, and get ready for lots of compliments.


    • Place eyelashes onto the magnet of the tool. Be sure the magnetic strip face each other.
    • Bring the open tool toward your eye keeping its arms above and below your real eyelash.
    • Gently, touch the top arm to your eyelid then close the bottom arm.
    • Now open the tool and pull it away.


    • 2 Pairs Magnetic False Eyelashes (4 pcs)
    • 1 Tweezers