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    Four Ports Car Fast Charger

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    Multiple USB ports while charging at the same time

    ⚡ The car charger has 4 USB ports designed for large families, so that they are in operation all 4 at the same time without affecting the load. For the front seat 2 and for the back seat 2.
    ⚡ It comes with a removable clip and a 5.6 ft long connector cable that allows the driver and passenger to have a secure and easily accessible way to attach the 2 port back seat charger.
    ⚡ An excellent choice ideal for family trips, friends, cab, Uber drivers. Provides an option for long trips and everyone can play games and FB Insta, always keeping the mobile charged.

    Has the advantage of fast charging 3.0

    ⚡ USB 3.0 fast charging port. Charge 4 devices simultaneously, each car charger protects against overcharging and overheating by regulating currents and stops when your device is full.
    ⚡ USB power ports provide USB fast charging, one 5V/3.1A output and two other mobile devices total 5V/2.4A.
    ⚡ It is 4 times faster than standard charging. Charges from 1% to 50% in just 30 minutes with 5A cable.
    ⚡ The car charger can be used in your car, truck or boat to charge all USB powered devices. Works with 12V-24V vehicle power outlets and cigarette lighters.


    Material: ABS.
    Item Color: Black.
    Input: 12-24V.
    Output 1 and 2: 5V a (max).
    Output 3: 5V/3.1 a, 9V/1.8 a, 12V/1.8.
    Output 4: 5V/A.
    Power Light: Yes.
    Cable Length: 1.7 m/5.6 ft.
    Net Weight: 0.12 kg/4.2 oz.
    Package Includes: 1 x car charger and 1 clip.