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    GlamUp Easy Crease Line Kit

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                    Achieve Perfect Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look in 3 SECS!

    No more struggle of creating a cut-crease, because this tool will let you nail the stunning eye looks in no time! Just put the cut-crease kit on your eyes, apply eyeshadow with a brush, and swipe it back & forth to get a fabulous look in seconds!


    • 💟Effortless Perfect Cut-Crease - No more struggles of painting a cut-crease! This kit will let you get the professional eye makeup in seconds every time with zero mistakes.


    • 💟Eye-Catching, Stunning Eye Looks - Effortlessly create crease effects that enlarge your lid with perfectly filled in eyeshadow!

    • 💟Great for Beginners, Time-Saving - Turns a complicated makeup process into seconds - Perfect for beauty lovers of any skill level especially beginners to look fabulous in no time.

    • 💟One-Size Fits All - Comes with three sets of round, almond and wing shapes to suits any eye shapes and eye shadow styles.


    • This Kit was created with all eye shapes, and desired styles in mind.

    •  Black
    • 1 x GlamUp Easy Crease Line Kit