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    Hands Free Chopsticks

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    Enjoy any snack without getting dirty

    Are you tired of washing your hands every time you eat chips or any snack?. These chopsticks offer you another possibility to eat snacks, you can put it between the index finger and middle finger as a clamp to easily and quickly take any snack you want.
    失 You just need to insert two fingers into the round hole and make the chopsticks above the fingers, then you can easily control the chopsticks to hold the food as your two extra fingers. The playing chopsticks fit most finger sizes.

    Extra fingers easy to use

    失 When playing or reading, you want to eat your favorite chips or other snacks, but worry about getting your fingers dirty or occupying your busy fingers. This fun pair of chopsticks can solve your worries.
    失 If you are a chopstick beginner, this is a very friendly tool that even kids can easily learn to use and enjoy eating.
    失 Made of durable and food-safe ABS plastic, you can use it with confidence. Reusable and environmentally friendly.