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    Hath® Forefoot Pads

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    ¿Can't stand foot pain after a night in high heels?

    💋💄¡Enjoy the comfort that honeycomb fabric foot pads bring to you!👠

    Get rid of foot pain when you wear high heels with these amazing honeycomb fabric forefoot pads! The thick, soft pads provide perfect cushioning for the forefoot to help improve pressure distribution and minimize foot problems such as mortons, neuroma, corns, metatarsal pain, or bunions.

    These incredibly soft and breathable gel-based metatarsal pads are designed to conform to the shape of our feet, providing support, mitigating pain, and lessening pressure due to extended periods of standing, so you can finally enjoy the day and look comfortable in it. trust. your shoes on, free from foot pain.


    • Amazing Foot Support - Relieves pressure on the ball of the foot and effectively conforms to the shape of our feet while relieving various foot pain issues.
    • Fast Foot Pain Relief - Soft, thick pads provide cushioning, support, andreliability throughout the ball of the foot.
    • Unigender and One Size - Pads are moderately thick, conveniently sized and flexible to stretch and fit most foot sizes. 
    • Breathable & Stretchy - Made from a comfortable stretchy fabric that reduces pressure on the forefoot without slipping or causing sweat.
    • Reusable and comfortable - designed to remain odor free throughout the day and can be reused if cleaned with warm soapy water.
    • Hidden Foot Pads - Conveniently designed to relieve foot pain and reduce pressure, yet easily hidden under shoes when worn.


    Material: Cloth
    Weight: 15g
    Colour: Black / Beige