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    Hirundo® Grooming Gloves for Horses and Pets

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    Love your pet but not the fluff!

    Grooming gloves for horses and pets

    You'll get twice as fast and more impressive grooming results while petting and petting your horse!


    Forget Shedding - Our mitts easily remove loose pet hair and tangles so there's no fur flying.

    Reduce Shedding – Regular brushing removes loose hair and mats from your pet's coat.

    Pets Love Glove Massage - Exfoliating nubs provide a soothing massage, your pet will ask for more!

    Perfect for all furry friends: skittish cats, playful dogs or funny horses!

    Improved Five-Finger Glove Design - Gently cleanse sensitive, hard-to-reach places like your face, tail, or legs.

    You will get left and right gloves: Use both hands while grooming your furry friend!

    The gloves come in a standard size that can be adapted to the greatest number of people.