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    Intelligent Breathing Cupping Massage Instrument

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    Put an end to those muscle aches and pains

    ✅ Red light therapy can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and pain, improve immunity and metabolism, and offer you more relaxation and pleasure.
    ✅ Intelligent vibrator, it can safely support the skin during cupping to avoid excessive strain.
    ✅ It is so small and light, you can put it in your bag. The product has a built-in 2000mah lithium battery. You can use it anytime and anywhere and enjoy professional massage.
    ✅ Timer function automatically starts a 20-minute countdown when it is turned on to avoid unnecessary damage to the body caused by excessive scraping and suction cupping.

    Combination of traditional and modern technology

    ✅ The cupping massager adds modern technology to the traditional cupping device by adding vibrating sticks and red light physiotherapy functions, which can absorb and release rhythmically.
    ✅ Compared with the traditional cupping device, no open flame is needed, it is convenient to carry and clean, and can massage better and provide more comfortable experience.
    ✅ It has three negative pressure modes and three vibration modes. Different combinations of modes can give you different massage experience.
    ✅ Left click to start and select negative pressure mode, right click to select vibration mode, you can choose the most suitable mode according to your own situation.


    Material: ABS.
    Color: Black, blue, red.
    Input Voltage: 3.7V.
    Rated Power: 5W.
    Size: 78x78 mm.
    Mode: 6/12 speeds.
    Package Includes: 1 Massage bottle, 1 USB Cable (type C) and 1 Manual.