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    Kitchess™ Multi-purpose Vegetable Slicer Cuts

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    Still cutting slicing conventionally with a knife?

    Although it can be an enjoyable experience and a distressing activity. But there's always too much to do and too little time! What if there's a way to save your cutting time up to 8 x times?

    This tool is a savior for busy homemakers or a "work from home" parent who needs to prepare a homecooked meal every day 3 times or more a day.

    It's a new norm now! And an essential must-have tool in every kitvhen in 2021!

    • Get evenly and thin slices, shreds, or grates every time with only one tool!
    • Best for making exquisite taste salad.
    • This slicer makes your food prep 8x faster and smoother.

    Sliced to Perfection EVERY-TIME

    The Kitchess™ Multi-purpose Vegetable Slicer Cuts allows you  to slice or shred your fruits and vegetables cleanly and uniformly. It has 8 super sharp, precise, stainless steel blades which makes it almost the fastest and most precise slicer in the World. Desingned perfectly to make tasks easier and quicker in your kitchen.

    The Kitchess™ Multi-purpose Vegetable Slicer Cuts with its 3 top-class metal blades: 
    1. Double blade 4x: The 4 stainless steel double blades cut 8 times faster and evenly very thin. It is ideal for cabbage, cucumber, cheese, onions and much more.
    2. Julienne: Julienne cuts everything into thin strips, It cuts in both directions and is therefore twice as fast. It is ideally suited for raw vegetables, salads, stir-fried vegetables and everything that is only briefly seared or cooked.
    3. Grater: For everything that needs to be finely grated or cut. It is ideal for nutmeg, parmesan, horseradish, carrots, orange or lemon peel and much more.
    4. Safety holder: The safety holder with its ingenious technology hardly leaves any leftovers. The 5 stainless steel pins hold everything that gets smaller. This leftover holder is a must when cutting onions and all small leftovers.
    5. Storage Bag (New! In 2021): Keep all parts in this special tailored grawstring bag for your convenience and portable. Now you can bring this slicer cut set in this stylish bag to outdoor activities or camping.

    Made from food-grade steel, this slicer is polished to perfection so that you never have worry about breakage and rust.


    • There are 3 interchangeable blades with the slicer.
    • All the blades are changeable easily by hand.
    • If you are wanting to slice something small then put your vegetable/fruit on the safety holder, If not then hold it with your fingers far away from the blades.
    • Run your food over the blades and let the slicer do the hard work. you will find evenly sliced food every time!.


    • Best suitable to cut long vegetables such as cucumber and carrot, in shorter lengths before slicing use a safety holder to have more control and safety.
    • For the heavy slicing, don't forget to use a bowl below the slicer.


    • Materials: Stainless steel
    • Product size: 14.1' x 3.5' x 0.8' (36MC x 9CM) X 2CM)
    • Product weight: 0.67 Ibs (304g)
    • Package contents: 1 x Slicer Frame, 3 x Blades, 1 x Safety Holder (Set wint safety Holder)