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    Knee Sleeves - Treating Arthritis

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    How people with rheumatoid arthritis are treating their knee pains and swellings on their own, using the rheumatologist´s recommended knee sleeves!

    Whe it comes to treating arthritis without drugs, execise is whta most rheumatologists recomend. this is why there is a whole thing in medical science called physical therapy.

    But, exercising when you have arthritis? That is like swinging a double-edged sword when you don´t even know how to use a kitchen knife without chopping your fingers off.

    In simple words, doing regular exercise is all fine and dandy, and it can definitely reduce severe arthritis pains and swellings... but when you have arthritis, exercising (even if you´re doing everithing right) can damage your joints, causing you more pain and suffering.

    That's why you need something to help your knee, something to hold it with the right pressure and temperature and our Knee sleeves is specialy design for those arthritis cases.


    • Instant Pain Killer 

    This Knee sleeves compress your knee joints and warm up your joint fluids, which reduces swelling and makes the pain go away in 5 minutes or less. It's like the icy-hot but designed specifically for badass people with chose quality materials, which make the knee sleeves able to haet and compress your joints super fast. Normal knee sleeves take 30 minutes or more to do exactly that.

    • Mobility Booster

    The Knee sleeves come with stretchable straps you use to tighten the sleeves even further. Doing that provides more support to your knee joints and forces your hamstring muscles to do all the lifting (these muscles can handle 40x more load than your joints). This helps you to do more than what you thought you were capable of. That's what she said.

    • Protector of Joints

    Since the knee sleeves compress and warm your joint fluids at the same time, you get to slow down the damage arthritis does to your knees. Just like you warm up engine oil before taking any fancy car for a ride; compressing and warming up your joints lubricates them with synovial fluid ; which, you guessed it, keeps wear and tear to a bare minimum.

    • Enemy of Arthritis

    Arthritis is basically a medical term to decribe severe swelling of the synovium membrane (which is a soft cushion between your joints that allow them to move without grinding each other). When you compress and warm up your knees, the swelling goes away, the synovium membrane gets back to its normal shape, and your joints starts slipping like normal too.  


    Product Weight
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    • 1 x Knee Sleeves