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    Lazy Bird's Nest Plate Hairpin

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    Lazy Bird's Nest Plate Hairpin is a bendable hair tool that holds hair up stylishly all day long. Just clamp your hair with the bun maker, roll up and bend it into a perfect bun in seconds! 

    Flexible and non-slip, no need for barrettes and barrettes to firmly grip short/long, thin/thick hair!  Whether you prefer a sleek updo or a casual half-bunit will add extra glamour to your look for any occasion. 


    Easy, Fast Hair Styling

    Just clamp, roll up and bend it to hold your hair firmly! Effortlessly create a sleek, elegant bun look in 5 seconds.

    Non-Slip, Secure Hold

    Durably made for a stronghold, it will keep your hairstyle in place even on windy days.

      Comfy To Wear

      Stop hurting your scalp and hair follicles - This bendable band will gather and hold your hair firmly against your head with no slipping.

      Versatile, Elegant Hair Style

      Effortlessly hold and style your hair into a French low bun, sleek high bun, half updo, or ponytails in seconds!

      Classy Ribbon

      Add a touch of glamour to your hair for all occasions.

      For All Hair Types

      Easily Pull up and hold thin/thick, straight/wavy, and textured hair with no tangle!

      How it Works

      🎁 It's a perfect gift for your friends&familly!