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    Love Couple Balance Bracelet

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    The perfect detail to show togetherness

    ☯ The Yin and Yang bracelet go well together, just like the harmonious relationship between you and your friend, a family member or a lover. It symbolizes friendship and love.
    ☯ Different meaningful design: Tai Chi Yin and Yang bracelets are a pair of bracelets that never separate. No matter how far apart, each other is the only one for each other. A great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.
    ☯ The black bracelet hides a white pearl, the white pearl bracelet hides a black pearl. Wear it as a reminder that you have me and I have you.

    Share it a bracelet with that special someone

    ☯ Bring 2 matching adjustable Yin Yang Tai Chi bracelets with Taiji Trigram cord jewelry Yin Yang Tai Chi bracelet for friendship loving couples practical design.
    ☯ Tai Chi Yin Yang bracelet size: 7.1-11.8 in, adjustable. Don't worry about the size, just pull the strings to tighten or loosen the bracelet for a perfect fit.
    ☯ Made of alloy and nylon rope for a long service life. Durable and strong, high polish, won't wear out or change color, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.


    Material: alloy + nylon rope.
    Size: 18cm (adjustable).
    Weight: 1.06 oz.
    Style: Unisex.
    Quantity: 1 pair of yin and yang bracelets.