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    Magic Notebook for Children

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    Give your child a head start in kindergarten

    ✅ The Magic Writing Book for Kids ensures that your child will master letter and number form, as well as addition and subtraction before starting kindergarten.
    ✅ Studies show that this allows children to make more progress in math and reading throughout their education.
    ✅ The physical act of writing in our magic copy practice book set stimulates muscle memory and helps your child transfer letter form and spelling into long-term memory.

    Less screen time means a better mind

    ✅ Our book, will keep your child engaged for hours of learning. Reducing screen time for young children has been shown to increase social interaction, promote better habits.
    ✅ Our magic drawing calligraphy notebook for kids promotes creativity and stimulates your child's imagination as they draw their favorite things.
    ✅ Reusable magic notebooks are truly magical with ink that fades after 30 minutes, providing endless uses and no trips to the store.


    Age: 3-8 Years.
    Styles: 4.
    Material: White cardboard.
    Size: 19x13 cm.
    Package Includes: 4 Piece book, 1 pen case, 6 refills and pen stand.