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    Neck Cervical Spine Stretcher Pillow

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    Relieves neck pain in just 10 minutes

    ✅ Effective neck traction pillow, just 10 minutes with the neck and shoulder relaxer, helps restore proper cervical curvature associated with constant use.
    ✅ Helps recover from tension and stress related problems, including headaches, cervical syndrome, tension at the base of the skull (such as knotted muscles).

    Ergonomic curve design

    ✅ The chiropractic pillow can support the neck in various ways, perfectly matches the human cervical spine, helps to support the cervical vertebra to the correct position.
    ✅ Lying on this cervical traction pillow for 5-10 minutes a day, you will easily get effective relief for your neck and shoulders. It is lightweight and convenient for you to carry with you no matter where you are.
    ✅ It is not easily deformed and can offer you great support for your cervical vertebrae. It works only by mutual forces between your head and the pillow.

    Neck posture corrector

    ✅ Nowadays, smart phone is the main reason why it causes neck pain. And most people work with computer also lead to neck muscle tension and stiffness.
    ✅ With this gravity neck pillow can help you easily restore the "C" angle of your cervical vertebra, perfectly applicable for office staff, drivers, nursing mothers and students.