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    Pen-shaped Phone Holder with Screwdriver Sets

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    What can a magic multi-purpose ballpoint pen do? It is a phone holder, 7pcs of screwdriver bits, capacitive stylus, ballpoint pen!

    What a cool handy tool pen, can also deform!



    • Multi-functions: Integrate a variety of functions in one, it can be used as a mobile phone stand, ball pen, stylus, and 7 screwdriver bits, to meet daily needs.
    • Handy Phone Holder: The cap of the pen can be used as a phone holder, making it easy to hold your phone while you're at work, studying, watching videos, etc. It also has the function of a stylus, which you can use to play games and control the screen of your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices.

    • 7 Common Screwdriver Bits: Built-in seven commonly used screwdriver bits to meet routine maintenance requirements, for example, replacing screws, tightening screws, removing, installing, and other situation that needs a screwdriver.

    • Small and Portable: It is a 14cm ball pen that can be carried in your pocket or bag for easy use. Suitable for use at home, office, school, coffee shop, plane, high-speed rail, travel.


    • Shell material: plastic

    • Color: red, blue, black

    • Length: 141mm/5.55in

    • Weight: 59g

    Package includes:

    • 1 multifunction pen

    • 7 screwdriver bits