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    Plant Grow Light

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    Promote your plant's growth

    ☘ Our grow lights can provide simulated sunlight for your indoor plants, meet the needs of your plants from the light source in winter.
    ☘ It has the function of 3 color light (Natural light, Pink light, Blue red light) and brightness levels (for you to change, help you find the most suitable brightness for your plant).
    ☘ Ideal for any small plant in different stages of growth. Just insert the pole into your pot and adjust to the right height for indoor plants.

    Make your home a unique and novel garden.

    ☘ Compared with other LED plant grow lights, the ring housing is made of aluminum instead of plastic. This material will be more durable, lightweight and with good heat dissipation.
    ☘ It also looks more aesthetic than plastic. And it is not only a plant grow light, but also an elegant decoration suitable for any home space, which fits perfectly with your home decoration.
    ☘ This grow light has 3-mode (3/9/12H) cycle timer function which will keep on, and then turn off . Once the time is set it will run automatically and turn off in time.


    Material: Aluminum.
    Color: White.
    Light Color: Natural light, pink light, blue red light.
    Size: 3.5 in diameter.
    Cord Length: 23.6 in.
    Input Voltage: 5V.
    Weight: 2.89 oz.
    Package Includes: 1 Angel ring and 1 adjustable wand.