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    Rainproof Anti-Fog Helmet Patch

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    ✅ Made of PET film material, a kind of strong transparent thermoplastic which is ideal for making visor film.
    ✅ Make your helmet rainproof with this film and experience clearer vision while riding through any bad weather.
    ✅ The new design makes it easy for the anti-fog film to fit over the helmet lens.
    ✅ The waterproof film is placed on the outside, and the heavier the rain, the better the effect.
    ✅ You need it to reduce the chances of car accidents caused by long-term riding.
    ✅ Universal for full/medium/open motorcycle helmets.
    ✅ Rainproof film kit only, other demo accessories in the picture are not included.

    Installation steps:

    ◾ Clean the helmet lens with a tool and tear off the protective layer.
    ◾ Attach the anti-fog film inside or outside the helmet (inner anti-fog, outer anti-fog).
    ◾ Gently press the anti-fog film on the lens from the middle to the edge.


    🔹 Material: PET.
    🔹 Size: 24.5*8.5 cm.
    🔹 Color: Transparent.
    🔹 Applicable for: All helmets.
    🔹 Quantity: 1 Set.