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    Rearview Mirror Phone Holder

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    Designed with 360° rotatable structure

    ✅ The phone holder can be rotated 360 degrees and the connecting rod can be adjusted 180 degrees, so that different drivers can adjust the cell phone to their most satisfactory position.
    ✅ It is very convenient for you to touch the screen with one hand while driving, and you can adjust the navigation route only with one hand, to ensure driving safety and reassure your family.
    ✅ In addition to the rearview mirror, you can also install it on the seat, which is convenient for passengers to spend the boring travel time.

    Travel safe and stable just adjust your phone

    ✅ The telescopic cell phone holder can hold the cell phone well and prevent it from slipping while driving.
    ✅ Fixing the cell phone holder on the rear view mirror bar can reduce the vibration of cell phone when driving on uneven roads.
    ✅ It can be extended up to 3.9 in, and the spring buckle can be extended up to 3.5 in, compatible with various kinds of cell phones and devices, and can be freely adjusted according to the needs.
    ✅ When the car phone holder is not in use, you can rotate it behind the rearview mirror so that it won't affect your vision and make the car more tidy.


    Material: ABS and stainless steel.
    Colors: White and black.
    Minimum width: 6.5 to 9 cm.
    Weight: 3.2 oz.
    Size: 18 to 21 cm.
    Package Includes: 1 Phone Holder.