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    Sand Landscape

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    Relax with this Beautiful Ornament

     Moving sand images create a new sand image with every turn. Sand never makes the same design twice. Watching the colorful sand slowly fall down the circle is relaxing and soothing to the mind, which can relieve stress, relax your eyes, cultivate patience. It gives you an unexpected surprise. Perfect for home and office decoration. Sand art images will bring a calm, natural and wonderful sense to your office and home. It is relaxing and interesting to watch them evolve with a new creation with every turn.

    Creates a Pleasant Atmosphere

    ✅ Sand ornaments are especially suitable for office workers, students, people who work by the computer for a long time, it is also very suitable for art creators. They can see the flow of sand, very relaxing, meditative and inspiring their own art. At the same time, it is also suitable for the elderly. Surprise a friend or family member, they will thank you a lot. Minimalist design, ultra-thin touch, the frame reduces the complicated pattern, focusing on the perfect fusion of quicksand and glass, creating unexpected patterns, relaxing your mood.

    Perfect for Decorating

    ✅ High transparency lead-free glass as transparent as water drop allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of quicksand. Product details are fine, carefully selected, colorful, clearly demarcated levels, the flow of the 3D effect pattern is excellent. The sand stand is made of ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, very suitable for daily home decoration.


    ▪ Material: glass / ABS.
    ▪ Colors: Black, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green.
    ▪ Size: 18 * 17 / 28 * 26.
    ▪ Package Include: 1 Sand Frame and stand.