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    Sandproof Beach Blanket Lightweight

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    Love the beach but you can’t stand the sand sticking to your body?

    This amazing Anti-Sand Mat lets you chill, tan, and read at the beach without sand getting in the way.

    Sandless Mat features dual-layer synthetic mesh so the sand falls under the mat and traps it underneath, making the mat sand-free.

    Best of all? The lightweight and ultra-thin weaves are soft to the touch.


    • SAND-FREE WEAVE TECHNOLOGY - Made from two layers of patented woven polyurethane that instantly filter sand to the beach as soon as it falls on its surface.

    The specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent sand from reemerging through the bottom of the mat.

    • MULTI-USAGE - Perfect for the true outdoor enthusiast who demands durability and versatility in everything they own. It works great as a ground mat when camping, backpacking, and RVing.

    Eliminates all dirt, dust, and water from its surface to ensure a clean and dry mat at the beach, picnic or outdoor concert.

    • MILITARY GRADE CONSTRUCTION - Features reinforced seams as well as double-reinforced, heavy-duty metal corner D-rings, which allow it to be securely affixed to the ground quickly and easily, even in adverse conditions.

    • Wind Resistant - There is 4 Anchor Stakes for our beach mat. You can use them to secure the blanket firmly to sand or grass and avoid the beach mat to be blown away.
    • Machine Washable - Want to wash your beach mat? No problem.This sand free beach mat is not only sandproof and waterproof, but also machine washable.
    • Festival Blanket - It can be used as blanket / mat or sun / rain shelter.Great for beaches, picnics, parks, family trips, sports events, open-air festivals, camping, hiking, fishing, other occasions and outdoor activies.


    Item Size
    • 140*200cm 

    • Blue, Green, Pink
    Package Contents
    • 1 x Sandproof Beach Blanket Lightweight