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    Scarecrow Halloween Mask

    $79.95 $160.00
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    It's horrible, Skull Mask!-Our original product! If there is a pirated version, we must take legal action!

    Gender: Unisex

    Package included:1 x Scarecrow Halloween Mask

    Each of our Masks is made by hand!

    “Love everything in the line, but my favorite is Skull Mask For 2022”

    -George L.

    1. Made of hand-painted burlap and dyed fabric. There is soft pad inside, which is different from silicone face cover, it is more comfortable and breathable!

    2. if you want to scare those little mischief! you can try it! gothic face cover, full of scary fairy tales!

    3. Enhance the look of your Halloween costume with This Zombie Scarecrow Scarecrow Cover. Evil scarecrows, make your costume stand out on Halloween.

    Perfect for Halloween costume party, gifts, costume parties, carnival, Christmas, Easter, New Year party. Scary design to scare trick or treaters or just use a Haunted House Decoration.

    5. Dark crumpled design, create a graveyard atmosphere, with Halloween vacation style, it is essential for the best.