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    Smart Eye Massager

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    Reduce eye strain and improve sleep

    ✅ Our eye machine adopts oscillating pressure and rhythmic percussion massage, it can make the skin around eyes more bright and elastic.
    ✅ The eye warming massager can have good sedative effect. Wear it for 15 minutes before going to bed every night, you will be totally relaxed and enjoy a better sleep.
    ✅ A great help with eye care can also help you refresh yourself after a long day at work or in studies, also if you spend many hours in front of a computer or cell phone.

    Ergonomic and comfortable to wear

    ✅ The ergonomically designed curved nose bridge is suitable for most face shapes, and the head strap is adjustable.
    ✅ The electric eye mask can be folded at most 180° to a small size, making it easier to wear having the option of complete eye relaxation anywhere and anytime.
    ✅ You can also connect the mask to your cell phone music playlist and play whatever you like and enhance the relaxation effect.
    ✅ The built-in heating pads in the eye massager provide comfortable temperature between 40-42 degree Celsius, best for relieving eye strain, dry eyes and eye lines after long time working or studying.


    Size: 21x8.5x4 cm.
    Weight: 280g.
    Battery: Lithium battery.
    Material: Polyurethane.
    Vibration Frequency: 60-80 times per second.
    Charging Method: USB.
    Package Includes: 1 x eye massager, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x manual.