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    SUNDIA™ Moonstone Dreamcatcher Necklace

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    😍 Are you looking for a gift for your mom, your sister, your friend, your girlfriend, your wife or a loved one? 🎁❤️

    This jewel is sure to be the jewelry gift you were looking for.

    This beautiful moonstone and dreamcatcher pendant necklace
    In the closet it will be the perfect gift for that special person.

    They say that dream catchers are amulets of protection; that help and watch over your dreams. What better than to have a personal one and in an accessory as close and cute as a necklace, that is why we design necklaces with dreamcatcher charms and a beautiful moonstone so that you always have positive dreams.

    What is a dream catcher?

    It is an object of the Ojibwa people, one of the native peoples of North America.
    Some people give it magical properties related to dreams, and use them as an amulet or talisman of protection.

    Properties of a dreamcatcher

    For the Ojibwa, a dreamcatcher is capable of filtering dreams, letting only positive dreams pass, being that bad dreams are trapped in the net and disappear with the first light of dawn.

    Dreamcatcher history
    Dreamcatchers belong to the Ojibwa culture and are based on an ancient legend. Over time, the dream catchers spread to other Native American peoples.

    Exquisite Shape: The most distinctive dream catcher necklace of an Indian tribe, a dream catcher beads in the middle and two hollowed-out beads on the side have the effect of dispelling bad mood and bad luck, helps you drive away nightmares and negative energy in your sleep dreams.

    Low Allergenic Material: necklacet made standard silver-plated material, not easy oxidation, not easy to fade. a low allergenic material, it won't make your skin feel uncomfortable. Free of nickel and lead.

    The Best Gift: perfect as a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, anniversary gift, Father's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, any holiday gift.

    Material: Alloy, Silver Plated
    Size: Adjustable
    Package Includes: 1 x Dreamcatcher necklace

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