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    Super Absorbent Pet Drying Mitts

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    Do you like walking your pets? We’ve all had pet paw prints where we don’t want them: clean floors, new sofas, even wallpaper!

    Yet the best part of a busy day is usually dog walking, so dealing with wet and muddy paws is part of the life we love with dogs.

    Dogs should be dogs, but there is a solution for paw prints in the car and home - a pair of Super Absorbent Drying Mitts 🧤

    Our Drying Mitts are so easy and quick to use. Made of thick microfiber material, they absorb wet and wipe away mud easily, unlike using thin towels. You can see and feel the paws as you clean them, it’s so easy to clean paws thoroughly and quickly!

    These soft and extra-long mittens are lovely to use and does its job very well. Hang it on a hook behind the door and grab your muddy dog before it races past you into the house 😂, and say goodbye to muddy floors forever!

    Super-Absorbent 💦

    It is made of thick microfiber material, making it super absorbent! And can absorb up to seven times its own weight in water. The drying mitts are machine washable, no fading, no hair loss.

    Dry Pets Faster and Easier 👌

    Wear these extra long drying mitts and massage your pet from head to tail until dry, after bathing your pet. Drying mitts makes drying your pet faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

    One Size Fits All Pets 🐶🐱

    These drying mitts are suitable for dogs and cats of any sizes, no tricky sizing decisions. Also great for drying horses too! 🐴

    Portable 👜

    They are portable to carry in your bags and car when going out. You can quickly dry your dog to prevent a cold during encounter with rainy days. You can instantly clean your dog’s/cat’s paws after playing in a park, to avoid fouling your car and dirty your car seats.

    Size: 40x11.5cm (16" x 4.5")