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    Buddhablez™ White Jade River Of Healing Mala

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    A seed is a symbol of the continuity of the circle of life and is one of the earliest materials of adornment. They have been traditional tools for counting white reciting a mantra. There is a special significance of Bodhi seeds for seekers of divine wisdom because it was under a Bodhi tree where Prince Siddhartha meditated and attained his enlightenment and became Buddha.

    In Sanskrit, Bodhi is translated to enlightened or awakened, so the bodhi seed means enlightened seed. Bodhi is also considered in Buddhism as reflecting a Buddha’s understanding of the true nature of things. Bodhi seeds do not refer to actual seeds of the Bodhi tree but are generally seeds of various plants used to make prayer beads.
    Exquisitely carved using natural Bodhi Seeds, this piece has a natural beautiful effect that enhances its unique and alluring look. A perfect emblem that gives a deep significance.

    📦 Product Details:
     Item Type: Mala
     Number of beads: 108
     Bead Size: about6mm x 8mm
     Stone/Beads: White Jade Bodhi Beads
     Pendant Size: 20mm x 18mm
     Length: about 35.4 inches (excluding the pendant)

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