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    Focal™ Wireless Solar Buried Lamp

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    Create The Perfect Atmosphere In Your Garden!

    Do you find your garden or patio a little too dark and could use some extra atmospheric lighting? Then you can use these beautiful and high quality LED Solar Garden Lights to create more atmosphere.

    Unique To This Product

    No wiring required: Get rid of all those electric cables!

    Eco-friendly: The spotlight charges automatically via sunlight/solar energy!

    Mood lighting: Thanks to the modern white colors, your garden will be even more atmospheric!

    Burglary prevention: Deters uninvited visitors.

    Prickstick: The prickstick keeps the spotlight firmly in place without being visible. For an extra modern look!

    ✅8 LED: With 8 LED spots per lamp, these spots give a luxurious look to your garden. The entire surface of the spotlight is illuminated by this.

    Because the LED Solar Garden Light works on solar energy you do not need to lay cables through your garden, so you can easily move them any time to the desired location.

    Because of the small solar panels these ground spots charge themselves. This means that you have no extra costs for batteries or electricity. In addition, you are doing good for the environment!

    These LED Solar garden lights feature a solar panel that allows them to charge their battery (600mAh Li-ion battery) in about 6-8 hours during the day and then will provide light for up to 10 hours a day as soon as dusk falls.

    They switch on and off automatically and therefore work anywhere the sun shines! They are 100% waterproof (IP65), so you can leave them outside all summer long, even if it rains!

    Helpful Hints

    ✅First charge the LED Solar Garden Lamp for 2 days in full sun. Preferably 5 full hours.

    ✅Make sure the switch is on so the battery can charge.

    Place the spotlight well in a place where the sun shines a lot. The more sun, the brighter the lights are.

    The lamp also works fine with little sunlight, so it is also perfect for autumn/winter.

    Easy To Install

    Package Includes

    • 1 x Wireless Solar Buried Lamp.
    • 1 x Installation Manual